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Vision and Values


Vision and Values 2


Yada's vision is to see a world with no place for sexual exploitation, where women can live a life free from abuse, stigma and violence.

Yada's meaning 'to be known', motivates us to create a culture of support and acceptance for each individual, acknowledging that each women's experiences are unique. Yada seeks to challenge victim-blaming language and attitudes.

Yada adopts a trauma informed approach to its work and aims to improve the quality of life of individuals who are affected by sexual exploitation by providing support services and raising awareness.


Yada aims to:

  • Work to prevent the sexual exploitation of women and young people.
  • Develop services that enable women and young people to build relationships of trust that can support them in addressing the complex issues they face.
  • Help women and young people build resilience to sexual exploitation.
  • Educate and inform the wider community about issues associated with sexual exploitation.
  • Facilitate women and young people to live empowered lives in connection and community.


Yada is a value-driven charity which seeks to positively impact the lives of the individuals we support. Our work is based on the following values:

To work with unconditional positive regard, empathy, treating each person as an individual, never judging or pursuing our own agenda.

To be bold with our work, to actively promote social justice for all, oppose all discriminatory practice and challenge myths and stereotypes that surround sexual exploitation.

To work from a place of honesty and openness, to be accountable and promote self-care.

To develop and nurture engagement with service users, staff and volunteers. To invest in building trusted relationships.

To recognise the value in collaboration, sharing ideas and best practice, and actively seek to work in partnership with other agencies and organisations.

Yada has a Christian ethos, which inspires us to treat everyone that we work with (including all staff, volunteers and service users) with dignity, respect and acceptance.

We work with any woman or young person regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, background, ability, culture or religious beliefs.

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